gorgeouss nightmaree

i love escape the fate.

a lot.

a lot, a lot.

sooo much ~

anddd i just watched there new video for gorgeous nightmare, and it is just nfjrgbjkgkljgbdggwrki.

i mean it’s really good, and sooo well done. those guys are the raddest. so you people really need to watch it. so, see the underlined phrase? click it…..if you know what’s good for you ūüėČ


peach smewthies

writing about smoothies, ice cream, popsicles, etc seems pretty appropriate for summer. today i got bored (my first day of summer break) and decided to make a smewthie. this is what i did:

pour 2% milk into a blender (about a cup)

use sliced peaches (i used frozen, but i’m sure fresh is best)

~blend until there aren’t any chunks of peach

add an eighth or so of white sugar~blend for a bit 

use a splash of liquid vanilla 

blend; ¬†then chill if you don’t use frozen fruit or ice! serveeeee

sheepcats, summer time, haircuts, and boysss

Today, I can’t say was bad. I tested in school for a few hours and bombed the finals on math, but it wasn’t bad. I haven’t seen my best friend in a month, because of some retarded s***, and that’s all I’ll say. I visited her at school today because we can’t actually get together¬†anymore¬†or talk on the phone, unless she calls from school. I haven’t heard from her in a week, so I thought her parents found out we had been talking. But whatever, she called my mom when I was still in school and said we could go to her school and visit at lunch. So, went to the school and I was kind of freaking out, ¬†since I thought some teacher would stop me from just going into the cafeteria. I looked around for a bit, then she ran up to me and we just hugged. She started crying and it was like RILAKUMABMTH!!! Yeah, so we talked for a while, longer than I thought we’d get. My mom was saying it’d only be a few minutes, since it took us a ¬†little longer to get there. But oh my god, I just can’t believe I got to see her, and it was so hard to leave. I love her sooo much and we hugged like a million times. She said she is going to come see me in my new state, when her brother gets his license next year. I hope it ALL works out. We are very serious about being friends for our WHOLE lives….

anberlin – pray tell

pierce the veil – wonderless

school is pooptarded.

i have exams all this week, but soooo glad it is the last week of school. ¬†this year turned out better than i thought it would though. i’m probably supposed to be studying for math; i failed last semester, i guess i’m doing better though. i’m¬†supposed¬†to get a letter in the mail from one of my friends (yeah, i won’t go into dramatic detail, but that’s the only way we can really talk now.) ……since it’s nearly summer i want to do some fashion posts. that would be rad, since i have a fashion diary thing i’m working on. i also do beading, so i’ll try and get to writing some more soon. yeah, anyways, let me go study. ooh, pythagorean therum, just can’t wait to use this in life!


sixx am – lies of the beautiful people


read between the lines

There’s a reason for the title…






Enough said? Nah, let’s get started.

I went to Memphis In May. It wasn’t that muddy as it was last year and probably the year before. The¬†Mississippi¬†river is at an all time high. The power lines poles were half way under water. Thank God, Tom Lee Park is like 40 feet above all that.
Sooo, anyways I got to see Stone Temple Pilots. My bestie is out of town so she couldn’t come with. But it was fun, man. I’ve never seen STP, so it was a rad experience. They were the last band of the night. I got there 2 hours early and we just had to walk around a while. ¬†I did end up freezing my ass off. But I guess I expected to be sweating like last year :\. This year it was like 15-20 degrees cooler, as opposed to last year, and¬†my hair stood in perfect shape.

Slightly Stoopid was on before STP, and they were pretty good. I sipped on water for 4.5 hours. Not even sprite!! Haha, boring~no tea. I wasn’t hungry, but I did start seriously craving ramans and chai tea, because whatever they were using at the steak and hot dog stands smelled like noodle seasoning.
But I pressed on through the end of April cold weather, and seriously lived in the moment. I did take some pics, but they’re not all very good, so I’m posting the best ones!

aah, ok, so give me some time.

I wrote that update a few weeks ago and I have gotten around to writing yet. I mean, I’ve been busy, but I’ll try to write this weekend. I do have a couple of things in mind, and I mentioned that in my last post. I did see that some people form Twitter are coming to my blog (unless that was like one person, ha.) Sooo, yeahhh. I am going to go to bed soon. ‘night wordpress!!